September 24th, 2015

marcus 2013

Slightly off-topic - Italian comics fandom? And foreign-language fandoms in general?

I'm an occasional contributor to, a wiki about fandom - fan fiction, fan art, conventions, etc. based on books, films, TV etc. At the moment the overwhelming majority of posts are about English-language fandom and activities, but one of its aims is to broaden the coverage and cover source material and activities in other countries.

As part of this I recently wrote a small entry about the Italian comic "Diabolik" and the film "Danger: Diabolik" which derives from it.

What I wasn't able to do was find out if there is an active fandom for the comic; unfortunately in English-language searches it's drowned out by an unrelated anime series, Diabolik Lovers. About all I've learned is that there are Diabolik panels at Italian comics conventions.

If anyone here can give any more information about this comic's Italian fandom and activities I'd be very grateful. And if anyone knows anything about other non-English fandoms it would be great if you could think about posting an article to