September 3rd, 2015

Looking for language help please, if anyone has the time.

So I'm writing a story on and using a multi-national cast of characters. Right now, I'm working on a particular scene with a Parisian born French man, but I've hit a slight snag. Let me set it up appropriately:

Charles (our hero), has just been having a quiet night out at a restaurant with his girlfriend, Franchesca, and his friends. As they exit the restaurant, the group is assaulted by a number of thugs, and Franchesca is thrown into a van and taken with them. Charles is told that "She's gone, and there's nothing we can do about it."

Now comes for the language help:

"(Insert phrase)," Charles snarls vehemently as he spots a parked motorcycle, jumps on and roars off in pursuit.

In English (well, the American style anyway...) I could see people using something akin to "f*** that noise" or "to h*** with that". But I don't think that's what might be said. I included Charles hometown in case of local slang/collaqualisms. While Charles MIGHT swear in English, for the sake of storytelling, it'll be something that comes as he just doesn't know how to express his outrage at the statement/moment in English.
HP: Lily

FRENCH and ENGLISH: oddalający się

Imagine that a boy is standing on the deck of a ship. The ship is leaving a port. The boy looks back at a town, which is getting smaller and smaller because of the growing distance, and regrets that he has to leave.

"Il regarde avec regret Marseille recoulant." s'éloignant?

Originally I was trying to write this sentence in French, then I tried to help myself with English, but realised that I have no idea how to construct it in English.

"He watched with regret the .... Marseille."

In case Polish sentence is of any help: "Z żalem obserwował oddalającą się Marsylię." albo "Z żalem patrzył za oddalającą się Marsylią."

ETA: I was asking about both English and French sentence. If anyone could tell me whether the French one makes sense, I'd be grateful.

Help Translating Text in an Image?

Hi! I'm a part of a Tumblr blog that posts sources (if we can find them) to posts with uncredited and reposted pieces of artwork.

I'd like help translating the characters in this image to English so that I can properly source the artwork/find the original poster, if possible.

To my knowledge, the characters are Chinese, if that's any help.

Thank you to any and all who try and can help out!