February 13th, 2015


Inscriptions on a scimitar

I like to watch the TV series „Arrow“, where John Barrowman plays Malcolm Merlyn aka the Dark Archer.

He was recently seen sharpening a scimitar and I’d like to make one in small scale for my action figure. Can someone please recognize and tell me what the inscription would look like in complete if his hand was not hiding part of it? I did screenshots of the episode, we see both sides of the blade from the way he is holding it. I think they look different.

I have no idea what kind of language this is supposed to be. Ra’s al Ghul has been speaking Arabic, yet the mythologic place Nanda Parbat is supposed to be set in Tibet. Of course Malcolm could have picked up this sword anywhere, but he has connections to Ra’s al Ghul and Nanda Parbat so that would be my best guess. I'll tag the post properly once someone has confirmed.

Many thanks!

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