January 21st, 2015


translation request

I have a question regarding Norwegian forms of address, and I'm having a tough time googling it.

Scenario 1: I am walking down the street and the person in front of me drops something. I pick it up, and to catch their attention, I call out "Sir!" or "Miss!" or "Ma'am" depending on what the stranger looks like.

Scenario 2: My friend is at a concert and is meeting with one of the members of his favorite band. "I love your new material," he says "You, sir, are a genius. Keep up the good work."

Google is indicating to me that, in Norwegian, the use of Mr., Mrs., Miss, Sir, and Ma'am/Madam are pretty outdated when addressing a letter, but I've found nothing that addresses other situations when one might use these words, such as the scenarios above, which are perfectly normal in English. Is this accurate? What would be a good way of translating these scenarios?


ETA: I've edited the language in scenario 2 since people seem to be getting quite tripped up by the less important part of the sentence.