December 29th, 2014


Introductory German Textbooks

Hi everyone,
I am looking for good intro-level German textbooks. Slower pace would be good. Workbooks (separate or not) would be great. The more exercises, the better.

Again, I need something geared to students with no prior knowledge of the language.

Many thanks!


Is anyone acquainted with this apparently rather superior kind of German bread, originating in Franconia or thereabouts? As far as I can judge from looking around on the internet, the term is old-fashioned but may still be in use. Perhaps someone could even suggest a suitable translation or paraphrase!

+ in a early 19th Century medical report I find the term 'Zusammengefallenheit', as one of the terms characterizing someone who is in a generally weak state. Can someone suggest a good English alternative? - I am not quite sure of the exact implication.