September 27th, 2014

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I'm looking for a word or phrase to translate the German Redeanteil into English. It means how much a person speaks in a certain context, e.g. when you analyse a conversation and you want to say how much the different people took part in it. It's about quantity, not quality. Different dictionaries suggest "verbal contribution", "speech content" or "speech part", but none of them sounds right. Is there even a phrase for that, or do I have to describe what I want to say, like, "she has the most lines", "she talked the most" or something like that? Is there any technical term you use when you analyse communications?

Thank you for your help.

Resources to learn English (in Chinese)

  I'm helping a student who speaks only Mandarin (I think maybe he can understand Cantonese to an extent? I can find out if that's important) and it's having trouble with English. I'm using a lot of signing and pictures but he's mostly given grammar sheets to fill out and told to look up the words he doesn't know (90% if he's lucky!) It's boring work and I would like to give him something more interesting to do to help him learn English. Any ideas? Website suggestions?