September 7th, 2014


Basic German Question

In the dictionary, both "kraut" and "kohl" are translated just as "cabbage." Are the two words interchangeable? I got the idea that maybe "kraut" is not used much, except in "sauerkraut." But I don't speak German, so would appreciate some information about the two words.

Suggestions, tips for self-study

Hello! I find this community so valuable and always appreciate the help and insight everyone offers.

I love languages, and I was wondering what are some practical strategies you utilize, when trying to keep up and practise on your own? I am a grad student, taking courses in special education, so it's hard to find a means of studying outside of that. It's easier when there are structured classes to take for a language, but I don't have the funds for doing that currently.

Thank you all =) Look forward to hearing your thoughts and hope you are all enjoying your language studies.