August 20th, 2014


Dutch idiom

I would be grateful if any Dutch-speaker could help me to interpret an unfamiliar expression in the following sentence from an old maritime narrative. We were trying to sail south over the equator, 'maer de windt en wilde ons niet dienen, leyden alsoo die beste Bough voor ende quamen temet om de noort.'

Some help with a (heavy/fake) Australian dialect

I'm GMing a roleplaying game where Our Heroes (Brick and Glyph) will be fighting a pair of super-powered bank robbers, Blue Wombat (who isn't Australian, but *really* wants to be) and Wallaby (who actually is Australian).

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Some specific things I'd like put in the most exaggerated Australian accent possible:
"Hey, that's not the old guy who usually comes to stop us [Anonymous]. That guy [Brick] looks like a brick wall, and the other bloke [Glyph] has glowing eyes"
assorted insults and taunts to said superheroes
"I'm not leaving yet, Wallaby, we can beat them"

And anything else you think might come up in a battle between a pair of bank robbers and a pair of superheroes. If there's anything in particular that you think Wallaby might say (that is different from what an equivalent American character would say), that would be helpful, as well.

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