June 22nd, 2014

HP: Lily

LATIN: caute or cautim? (adverb)

I'd like to ask about the adverb 'cautiously' in Latin.

My schoolbook mini-dictionary says that 'caute' means 'cautiously'. But big dictionaries don't mention 'caute' (it's just a form of 'caveo'), and say that 'cautim' is 'cautiously', and that it's not comparable.

I've found here: http://www.latin-dictionary.net/definition/8705/caute-cautius-cautissime a comparative and superlative form of 'caute'.

Could someone clarify it for me? Is 'caute' a correct form/does not exist? Is 'caute' (if it exists) and 'cautim' interchangeable? Is there any difference in use? How come that an adverb may not form comparable forms, when logically it's (at least for me) possible?

It all stems from this sentence, but is not closely related to it: Paulo post leo per silvam praedam parum caute investigans, in rete, quod venatores tetenderunt, incidit.

Thank you!
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