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Garonne [userpic]

Under a cut because of strong languageCollapse )

anyolite [userpic]

If someone could translate each of the numbered pieces of text into English, I would very much appreciate it.  Thank you!

tortipede [userpic]

I recently came across the excellent-looking www.projethomere.com when I was looking for a decent online Modern Greek dictionary. I've tried opening two or three different texts on there (specifically, Volume 9 of the Dimitrakou dictionary) but all I get is a cute little drawing of a bicycle with two spinning "loading" discs for wheels, and the word "Typesetting". I've tried in different browsers, from different machines (Firefox for Ubuntu and Windows XP, Chromium for Ubuntu, IE for XP, Android phone); I've asked the website for help but, writing in French, gave them the impression I was trying to download the book rather than consult it online, resulting in help that wasn't actually helpful... I don't know if it could be that it requires a specific version of Flash, or needs me to have a Scribd account, or...

Just wondering if anybody else is/isn't able to access this impressive-looking site, and if anyone can suggest why I can't. Also, y'know, if it works after all -- it really does look very good indeed...

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