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Brandoch Daha [userpic]

I was surprised to see the spelling "pedlar" for what I have always previously seen as "peddler". Is this a regional variance? I'm in the U.S.

Barszczow A. N. [userpic]

I wanted to ask if this construction has any name:

Francis had scarcely become King than he turned his eyes upon Italy, [...]

from the preface to the Heptameron by Margaret, Queen of Navarre.

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Barszczow A. N. [userpic]

From a Beckett's poem:

bon bon il est un paysCollapse )

I wanted to ask how you understand these:

1. grain de ciel as in a small part of the sky or texture (for example the film grain)? I go for part, as otherwise it doesn't make sense to me.
2. Is bien belle chose more or less belle than belle chose? Judging from bien aimer is less than aimer I'd say less.
3. Is 'spirale' a noun or a verb here? I think it's a verb.
4. How do you understand this verse "des microns des années ténèbres'
a) 'le temps des microns, le temps des années, le temps des ténèbres'
b) 'le temps des microns des années, le temps des ténèbres'
c) 'the time of microns of dark years'
or differently.
5. Can 'ténèbres' serve as an adjective in general? Or a verb in this context?

I know it's a lot of questions, but I hope that someone will have the patience to answer them.

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