February 15th, 2014


Japanese translation request

Hello, I'm reading a Japanese comic and having trouble with a few sentences. Would someone be willing to help me? To give everyone an idea of context, the comic involves memory loss after an accident.

1. 「メシはテメの驕りだ」The main character is complaining because he planned to meet his friend at a restaurant and his friend is late. I looked up 驕り and the dictionary says it means arrogance so the translation I got was "The meal is your arrogance" but that sounds a little weird to me. Is that right?

2. What does「進捗よろしく」mean? In this situation, the main character is talking to an old team mate on the phone about his friend's memory loss.

3. 何一つ思い出せなかった。お前の好きな食い物とかお前が使ってた皿とか、ちゃんとここにあるのに何がのってたのか分からなかった。The main character's friend is expressing his frustration at not being able to remember anything. I assumed that 「のって」was another form of the verb のる, but since のる has so many definitions I couldn't figure out which it was.

4. 「なんかそういえば。。。みたいな感じでふわーっと思い出す時があってさ」The main character's friend says he finally got his memory back. What does 「ふわーっと」mean in this situation? I always have trouble with Japanese onomatopoeia.