February 13th, 2014


Should I learn Tamil or Telugu first?

I'm really interested in learning South Indian languages and would eventually like to learn several of them. However, I'm not sure which one I should do first. I've narrowed it down to Tamil or Telugu because I feel like I'll have the best chance to find good resources for one of them. If I eventually want to learn both (as well as others), is there any reason to choose one over the other to learn first, or does it not really matter? (If it makes any kind of difference--though I doubt it does because they're not from the same language family--I already know Hindi.)

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for good resources for either, please share. :) Thanks!

"Doctor" and "baby" without noun markers

Hi, I'm from Germany and I am wondering about something that I recently repeatedly encounter in the British TV series "Call the midwife" (which is set in London in the 1950s if that is important).

I am pharaphrasing here, but there are often sentences spoken by the nurses and sisters which go like "I'll call doctor and he'll check whether baby is okay."

For me this sounds odd, as I would say "I call THE doctor so he can make sure YOUR baby is okay." Why are there no noun markers with those two specific words? Are there other words like that? You would not do this with "girl" or "boy" would you?

And on a side note, I also find it a bit odd that in the English language men for example apparently refer to their wife as just "the wife" and not proudly as "my wife" as it is in Germany. It seems a bit impersonal. Do they also say "the boy" instead of "my boy"?

I am always trying to improve my English so I am musing about these things and why there is this difference. Many thanks for your help!