September 8th, 2013

  • booq


Hi folks :
Would anybody explain please what does the sentence below mean? Why the writer have used ladders and snakes?
[q]With the pregnancy she broke out in a peculiar coppery eruption all over the body and the arms :  it was a smooth eruption as if somebody had painted ladders and snakes all over her.[/q]
Lots of thanks in advance!

Korean Alphabet Games?

Hello everyone! I posted here about a year ago asking about learning Korean. I now study at one of the universities suggested by commenters (thank you guys!), and I began my Korean class this week. Unfortunately I missed about a week of class due to a spot only recently opening up, and now I have to learn a lot on my own.

Does anyone know of any Korean alphabet/vowel learning games? I don't have anyone to practice with, and I'm having trouble with the more complicated vowels. Any games or other resources would be very helpful. I have to make up the alphabet quiz I missed on Tuesday, and I'm getting nervous that I don't have the vowels down. Thank you!