July 29th, 2013

Åpen bok

Meat Jello and Space Invaders - English

Hi. I'm translating a children's book and have come across two references that I'm not sure if the author just made up or if it's just hidden somewhere my Google-Fu cannot reach.

The first is that the school cafeteria serves something they call "Jell-O Meat". Apparently it "stains skin". Is this a made-up gross cafeteria-food, or is it an actual thing? I know there's a dish where you put different stuff into gelatin, but since gelatin tends to be clear, I don't really see how it could stain anything.

The second is from this dialogue between a boy and his grandmother. He has hidden her phone and is lying about not hearing it buzz:
"It must just be that fly buzzing around my head, what was his name again?"
I smiled. "Space invader."

Now... I know about Space Invaders the game, but can't really think of any other reference... does this make sense to anyone? The boy talks about "Space Invader" as a fly "buzzing around in your head" in a different place in the book as well, with an entirely different person.