July 27th, 2013


a word coined by an American author

Dear linguaphiles, the word in question is subtenable, and I'm pretty sure it was coined by a contemporary American author to convey the particular manner of speech of his protagonist (a boy who obviously reads a lot yet doesn't remember many difficult words right).

I'd like the native English speakers to tell me how they would understand the term "subtenable" (obviously it's constructed by adding "sub" to "tenable" or maybe substituting "untenable" by "subtenable").

The full phrase is under the cut

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Well wishes in Hebrew

I'm writing a thank you note to some Israeli friends, and wanted to end it with a general "thank you and all the best" or something to that effect. I've got the תודה רבה, but is there something nice I could add in addition to this? Something short and sweet. Thanks for your help!