July 21st, 2013


French and French-Canadian hockey terms, gendered and aspirational language

This post is originally from little_details, cross-posted here on the advice of rhiannon_black. Thank you immensely for your help in advance!

Prior research: The dreaded Wikipedia, NHL.com, wordreference.com, "french hockey terms", "french-canadian hockey terms", "hockey sur glace," several French textbooks and multiple semesters of collegiate French class. Unfortunately, this is also a usage question and I'm not sure how to Google that, so please please please forgive any egregious or obvious errors on my part.

Here is the situation: I have a character, E, who is writing an essay in her sophomore (or junior year, I honestly haven't decided yet) French class about hockey. She plays right wing on her (American) school's college prep girls hockey team, and she wants to play in the NHL. Her friend in this class, S, a goalie on the boys prep team, hails from the greater Ottawa metropolitan area, and he has a fair bit of Canadian French (though both are native first-language English speakers.)

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