July 18th, 2013

Gaelic question? not sure

I found this sentence in the book Found In Translation and I thought it looked kind of like Irish; maybe some other sort of Gaelic, but I'm not sure:

Fil duine frismad buide lemm díuterc, día tibrinn in mbith mbuide, huile huile cid díupert.

Can anyone tell what language this is, and what it says? Thanks.

Meaning of insult in (presumably Argentinian?) Spanish

Can anybody tell me what "pecho frío" means? Google translate says "chest cold". My minimal knowledge of Spanish leads me to think it's more likely to be "cold chest", but what I'm really after is how is it used? From context it seems to be derogatory, but I can't work out what the person is actually being accused of, and how bad it is.

Context: Argentinian tennis player Juan Martín del Potro has apparently announced that he will not be playing the Davis Cup this year, in order to concentrate on his own career. Some people don't like this and are calling him a "pecho frío".

Would it be something like "cold-hearted" as in "hard, selfish, doesn't care"?

And, just out of curiosity, is it a globally-understood Spanish expression? Or is it South American? Or perhaps Argentinian only?