July 16th, 2013


Another accent post - Finnish

I saw feuerwald's post below and I've actually been curious for a while just how my Finnish sounds, so I decided I would also post a short SoundCloud excerpt to try and find out. What country do you think I come from? What do you think is my native language? I know I'm not speaking in spoken language since I'm reading a written text, but do I carry any particular regional accents beyond a possible foreign accent? (I listen to a lot of Karelian music, but I'm not sure I've picked anything up besides some region-specific vocabulary that I'm not using here.) And I know my numbers are wonky and I messed up vowel lengths in a couple places, which numbers I just need to work on more, and I got tripped up reading quickly even though vowel length is not normally a problem for me.

MUCH appreciated if you do take the time to give me feedback.

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"Speaking only Swedish"

Just read this article about an American who woke up from a coma speaking only Swedish.  It's funny how the story takes the claim at face value.  Surely whoever is translating for him could tell what kind of Swedish he is speaking, or trying to speak: native or non-native, from what region, etc.  Could it be an act, as the man is apparently broke and claims to be unable to access any of his multiple foreign bank accounts?  Is there a way to prove that he *doesn't* know English?  Is it really possible to suffer a brain injury that takes away a native language and leaves only an acquired one?  If so, can the native language be recovered, or does it have to be relearned?  If you had to pick one of your learned languages to wake up with, what would it be?