July 10th, 2013

modern still life

french phrase

there is a bakery I visited called "le petit outre." I can't decide if it is meant to mean something like "the little [one] besides / moreover" or something more like "the little [one] outrages." Or perhaps something else altogether? I actually dug to the point of finding a patent application for this bakery on which it is claimed that the proper translation is "THE LITTLE OUTRAGEOUS" or "THE LITTLE FAR BEYOND." But this doesn't satisfy me as these are barely meaningful phrases in English (perhaps "the little outrage" would be more appropriate?). Is this some sort of super hard to translate idiom in French or did the patent clerk just do a shoddy translation job? Halp, French speakers!

Reading comprehension - Japanese

So I've been playing Ni No Kuni on Nintendo DS as a fun way to improve my reading skills and vocabulary in Japanese. I was reading a passage about one of the spells I just learned to use in the game (you draw them with a stylus) in the book. Could someone check to see that I've understood correctly?

"The Gateway" is the sole portal that connects Ni No Kuni with parallel worlds.

First, concentrate your mind, focus your thoughts not on this world, but on the world you want to go to.

Then, it's important to see an image of yourself not existing at your present location.

(no subject)

"They assumed that women’s happiness less than men’s depended on success in one or another area of public life" - does it sound OK? Or would it rather be "women's happeiness depended on success in one or another area of public life less than men's"?