April 26th, 2013

  • arbrea

help for seminar talk about grammars

I'm doing a presentation on descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar at a seminar for undergraduates. The presentation is supposed to be about 5 minutes and the students participating don't really have much knowledge about linguistics. How should I arrange my presentation to cover as much as possible within 5 minutes and at the same time not too hard to follow?

I'm thinking about quoting An Introduction to Language pp13-15(pdf version at: http://emilkirkegaard.dk/en/wp-content/uploads/Victoria-Fromkin-Robert-Rodman-Nina-Hyams-An-Introduction-to-Language.pdf) but it should not be just that, should it?

Any other suggestions/ references?
  • rossuf

солнечный зайчик

I'm having a bit of trouble interpreting the meaning of this sentence. It's about the passengers on a very slow-moving train. What I don't get is this solnechniy zaichik image. I mean, those are sunbeams, but a zaichik can also refer to somebody traveling for free, without a ticket, right? So is this a play on that?


Устраивали пикники, не боясь отстать, ведь за час поезд проходил всего два-три километра. Многие принимали на крыше вагонов солнечные ванные, а особо нетерпеливые женщины ловили в зеркала солнечных зайчиков, и отпускали тех только за жаркий поцелуй.

They held picnics and weren’t afraid of being left behind, for in an entire hour the train would cover two or three kilometers, no more than that. Many people sunbathed on the roof, and especially impatient women caught sunbeams in their mirrors and let them go only for a passionate kiss.