April 23rd, 2013

misc - 月

origin of Nastassja

So, a while ago you guys helped me identify my last name as being of Ukranian origin, but now I've finally gotten around to asking about my first name. So, my mother was born and raised in Germany, and my parents kinda-sorta named me after Nastassja Kinski Obviously Nastassja is a variant of the Greek Anastasia/Nastasia, but is that variant in particular of a certain origin? I believe my parents told me at one point it was Polish, but then a Polish customer told me it's not. Is it perhaps a German variant? Or should I just simply tell people that it's Greek?

Also, any hints on the best way to help Americans say my name right? It's not like any of the sounds aren't in English, but even when I write it out as "Nah-stah-syah", or even "Nas-tas-ya", people still manage to butcher it. (Where on earth did you get "Natazha" out of "Nas-tas-ya"?)