April 21st, 2013

some survival japanese needed!

The job and training have been stressful, but for now the plan is not to give up! We'll see what happens...I think I'll know the final outcome by next week.

How would I ask for a knife and spoon, do I just use the katakana loan words or are there better Japanese words to use?

- There are so many types of Japanese sea vegetables. Nori, wakame, hijiki, konbu. What is different about each one, and how would I ask what's inside something like...well recently I've discovered おにぎり which I love, and hope to learn and make myself.

But to ask 'what's inside' something...can I use 'Kono uchigawa ni, nan desu ka?' or is it better to say 'Kono no naka de, nan desu ka' ?

- Finally, is there a word for caffeine? Like to ask for a milk or coffee type drink that is de-caf or has no caffeine?

Itsumo arigato!