April 16th, 2013

Quill & Ink

Nederlands |or| Français

Just curious...

Which language do you think you can learn faster?
Dutch or French?

Which language gives you more skills to learn a wider variety of other languages?
Dutch or French?

Which language's pronunciation is the easiest to perfect for someone who can perfectly speak American English and German?
Dutch or French?

Though one would probably say that French would surely be more useful, what are the perks of being fluent in Dutch?

*Side Note* I am fluent in American English and German, and can get around in Italy and Turkey without too much of a problem. I am far from what you would call advanced in either of them though.
bikes in snowbank

UK & North America sports reporting, "are" vs "is"

In North America, they refer to a sports team as "is", eg. "The team is playing tonight."

In the UK, they say a team "are", eg. "The team are playing tonight."

In North America, the team is a single entity, a team. In the UK, the team is a bunch of people.

Is there a linguistic terminology for this? Also, how did this difference happen?