April 14th, 2013

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gas bag, please

Hi everybody,

Would anybody explain what does 'gas bag' mean in the following passage, please?

In the early days of practice in cases of this nature, earache with red congested drums and tenderness over mastoid, I frequently went to a case with fear and trembling on the second visit, gas bag and ear instruments, fine scalpels, etc., all at hand in case of need, but it was never necessary.

Thank you in advance!
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Ways of distinguishing left from right


In English, a way of remembering which side is left or right is that when you extend the index finger and thumb on your left hand, it makes a the shape of an L, the first letter of left. And I remember right in French because you can make a lower case d (as in droit) by extending your index finger and making a circle with the other fingers on that hand.

I was wondering if other languages have tricks like this to remember which side is which?