April 5th, 2013

  • rossuf

What's this image?

Hi All,

Can't seem to figure out this image:

К сумеркам Лупу с сожалением отбрасывал топорик, спички, и отмывал дрожащие руки в серебряном тазике, лежащем под южной стеной домой. Металлический месяц молдавской ночи нежно покалывал его в щеку, приняв обличье сухой виноградной лозы, которую давно пора со стены убрать, да руки не доходят.

So, the moon is appearing to poke the guy in the cheek, or the house? The referent gramatically is the house, though this makes no sense, unless my mind is just not poetic enough to catch the reference. How does the moon resemble a dried up grapevine along the side of a house?

Any help much appreciated.
  • joho07


Hey guys,

I don't know if any of you are familiar with the German publishing house Reclam and their series of books Rote Reihe "The Red Series" (http://www.reclam.de/programm/reclams_rote_reihe). The concept of the series is that text are published in their original version (language) but the text has "footnotes" containing translations of difficult or uncommon words or phrases as well as historical or political commentary. In the case of the "Rote Reihe" the commentary and translations are in and into German.

I'm looking for something like this but with translations (and commentary) into and in English. Does anyone happen to know of books published in a similar fashion? [Edit: I'm looking for texts in Spanish and/or Latin, not German.]

Thanks a lot for your help!
  • booq

english expression

Hi everybody,

Could anyone explain the meaning of the sentence below please? The expression "though ailing between her confinements" is most confusing to me. Does the writer mean that the woman in question have been pregnant several times before? And that she has been ailing after each confinement (delivery) and before next conception?

As I have said before—the health of an expectant mother can be wonderfully benefited during this time, and if a woman feels well during pregnancy, though ailing between her confinements, the precept of simple remedies and simple living will have been driven home, and have its favourable repercussions in raising the standard of general health in the community.

Lots of thanks in advance

upd: the writer was an English doctor and wrote this in 1930s.