March 29th, 2013

Multi-language 'Chinese Character' dictionary site:

I'm hoping any folks who study Chinese/Japanese/Korean can help. There was a dictionary website that allowed you to search for traditional or simplified Chinese characters by Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese on/kun yomi or Korean hanja readings - I think it may have had Vietnamese lookups as well. It had the standard radical and stroke number lookups, too. I remember it being particularly nice because when you'd click on an entry, it would show you an animated gif of the character being drawn, so you could see the stroke order. Does anybody know of a website like this?
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hi & thesis related

Hi everyone. I'm new here.
I was thinking about my undergraduate thesis, just had an idea for the topic, and need advice on it. : )
So here it is: I've noticed the Chinese characters in many American movies are not played by native Chinese speakers, so they end up saying things deviated from the standard spoken Chinese.   Can I write my thesis analyzing this kind of Chinese? Would it be a good topic? And if I do write about it , how do I do it?

Sorry if this question is stupid. I'm studying in the English department and want to go to graduate school to study linguistics, so I figured I should my thesis somewhat realating to linguistics. But I've never taken any course on linguistics (because the school doesn't offer), only been reading about it by myself. And the weird thing is the department doesn't assign advisors for our theses, so I have no clue how I'm going to do this.

Any comments are appreciated
Please help.