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March 2018
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superigel [userpic]

I love it and am always impressed when comedians entertaining English-speaking audiences successfully do bits in other languages. I'm also usually surprised, because I end up understanding much more than I thought I would, especially with Eddie Izzard. Seriously, the guy should be a French professor!

FYI - I'm fluent in German, but haven't gotten around to really learning french or Italian! ;)

Anyone have any more examples? Extra points for video embeds or links!

Illa Femina [userpic]

I'm writing a note to a coworker about a hotel guest refusing housekeeping service tomorrow, and am having some doubts about a subordinate clause.

My first writing was, "para que ellos puedan situarse sin prisa." That didn't seem quite right to me, so I'm debating using "para que ellos se puedan situar sin prisa."

Any thoughts and/or intuitions? Something is ticking to me about the first one not sounding natural.

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