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April 2018
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kati [userpic]

hi linguaphiles!  it's been a while since i asked a question but always think of you guys as my linguistic experts :)

first quick question--are there any other language immersion programs in the U.S. besides concordia villages?  not to say there's anything wrong with them; i just wondered if there were options to compare prices, dates, etc.

second--for personal and professional reasons, i would like to become moderately fluent in another language by next year.
what would you do: go back to russian, because i took it for 3 years in college and was fairly intermediate (but it's crazy hard and that was 12 years ago)? go back to french, because i took it much more recently--about 4 years ago (but i only took 3 semesters)? or try something like portuguese or italian, neither of which i've ever studied, but should be fairly easy to pick up based on my spanish

receiving advice, please!

Samuel Ekeme N'Diba [userpic]

What's the point in palatalizing velars in terminal position? Did they do that in Gaelic?

Current Music: Νίκος Βέρτης — Πες το μου ξανά
denijeur [userpic]

Hello friends,

When someone says "I put my jeans on backwards" it means that the butt of the jeans is forward, right?

Are there any other idiomatic or region specific ways to express the same meaning?

How would one say if he put his jeans on like this:

I googled for answers and found two funny expressions: arsy-versy and tospy-turvy, but I'm not sure whether these expressions are applicable here.

Sholpan [userpic]

помогите перевести такую фразу:

  • Технологическая поддержка при переходе на новые стандарты бухгалтерского учета
  • Оптимизация и совершенствование бизнес-процессов и программного обеспечения банка
​Technology support for updating accounting standards?
Optimization and improvement of bussiness processes to renew Bank's software?

заранее огромное спасибо!

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