January 22nd, 2013


Kissed a couple of girls.

Language of flirtation and love is very mm.. variable. A different place, a different social stratum - and you get expressions which mean little to another group. One learns what he encounters in life, but gets sort of confused or hazy about the precise meaning of such language elsewhere.

I've been watching a TV series advertised as a "real TV" show with supposedly unscripted dialogue ("made in Chelsea"). Of course, after a while one begins to realize how much it all is preset and even awkwardly unrealistic (e.g. when someone asks 4 other people to leave, with which they comply, just to continue talking with one remaining person - because the camera was set for that spot and the real-life scenario when you pull someone aside to talk to was not practical for the purposes of the shoot)

But the conversation was - supposedly - free and "real", as it really is among well-to-do twenty-somethings in the first decade of the 2000s in UK: Collapse )