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April 2018
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philipp178 [userpic]

Gut stuck, but I badly need to know the subject of the picture, wich is given in text in Latin? (I do not know), with brief explanation of its details.
Here it goes:



rebecca2525 [userpic]

I'm listening to Le Moribond by Jacques Brel, and there's a line I have trouble understanding. It's the bolded part here:

C´est dur de mourir au printemps, tu sais
Mais j´pars aux fleurs la paix dans l´âme

I know the indivdual words, but I have trouble connecting them, especially how la paix dans l´âme fits in. What I understand is that the narrator is leaving with/among flowers, but is he leaving with peace in his mind, towards/for peace of mind, is he leaving his peace of mind behind, or something else entirely?

(Btw, this is the origin of the song "Seasons in the Sun", but less tearjerker and more gallow's humour. I'm growing extremely fond of this version. :D)

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