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April 2018
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Tabouli the animate salad [userpic]

Hi linguaphiles... I've cast a German academic in a novel I'm writing, and I have a scene where's she's condemning the lack of punctuality in Australia. She's speaking English in the scene, but I'd like the word she uses to have a faintly Germanic ring about it (as of a fluent non-native speaker whose English is correct but slightly atypical because of influence from her native tongue). I want her to say something like "It is a disgrace" or "This is terrible". What would she say in German, and what might this come out like in English? Thanks!

runenklinge [userpic]

Hi there!
My sister who studies to be a interpreter (native language German for English and French) asked me to give her a book for christmas. More specifically, she wants a "good English monolingual dictionary".
I asked her if she meant a specific one, but she says any good one will suffice. She suggested Pons.
Problem is, I checked and Pons doesn't have an English monolingual dictionary (or I missed it...or it's out of print).

The ones I see recommended most are the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English and the Oxford Dictionary of English. I would go for the Oxford one personally, but what are your suggestions?

mavisol [userpic]

Is there a special word for these ancient boats:

wooden, with both oars and sails, and these features (like dragons) at the bow and the stern. The ones that Vikings used.

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