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April 2018
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mamcu [userpic]

A "good-paying job" or a "well-paying job"? "Well-paying" has always bothered me, but I see that you'd use the adverb "well" to modify the adjective "paying." But today in the NY Times, I saw "good-paying," and I usually think of that paper as making an effort to follow conservatively accepted usage (in this kind of word choice, at least).

ETA: Several people suggested "well-paid" instead, and that's certainly what I'd say. But I see "well-paying" a lot, and not sure why it bothers me. Maybe it's just not a collocation I'd use.

Hysteron Proteron [userpic]

Hello everyone. Sorry to ask a translation question, but I'm having trouble finding a decent translation of the emboldened part of the following sentence. None of the translations I've found fit. Can anyone shed some light? Thanks :)

J'avais pas d'envie de me faire tasser en plus par toi ce soir.

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