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mamcu [userpic]

Question from an editor friend:

I'm trying to Americanize some text for a British travel website. It refers to a "self-drive holiday." I know enough to change "holiday" in this context to "vacation," but "self-drive" is more of a challenge. The online sources I've found confirm that it's a UK usage & that it means a trip where you drive yourself w/no guide, but I haven't found any clue to the US equivalent. "Drive-yourself vacation"? "Unguided tour"? Can any well-traveled readers out there tell me? Thanks for any suggestions.

ETA: Explanation from my friend, and many thanks:

"Thanks again. I think what might not have been clear in my description, though, is that it's not self-guided. Travel agents help the tourists plan the route & supply them w/info, & when they arrive at lodge- or camp-type destinations, local guides take them into remoter areas. So there's no guide during the self-drive part, but after that you connect w/a guide. And the tourists are American, but the location may not be. In the text I was editing, the trip was in Namibia. I ended up writing a note in the email I attached it to explaining the issue."

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