September 21st, 2012

Eros dwelling in destruction

Library words auf Deutsch

Hallo, folks!

OK, I speak some conversational German, which my new boss was pleased about, because there are German families who come into my place of work (weirdly). I'm sure she just wanted me to chat with them, as I was clear that I was hardly fluent, but I'd be pleased as punch if I could interact with people in my professional context in German. If someone could translate the following, I'd be very appreciative:

Check out (ie, Are you ready to check out?
Check in (ie, Let me check those in for you)
Renew (ie, Did you want those renewed?)
Hold (as in, something that's set aside for them)

Thank you.
Ose Hallel


Is there a synonym for palimpsest (aside from codex rescriptus) or perhaps another way to say that something is a palimpsest. I'm trying to describe the traces of previous writing on a chalkboard that was erased, but is still somewhat visible. I considered saying "ghosts" or something, but I'm not sure that it's a better choice.