September 18th, 2012


Word Usage error {Namesake}

Alright guys, I'm in a little bit of a thorn bush. I've realized that I have a word I want to use, that I've never used in-context before.

The word? Namesake.

I know it is to mean one who has your name, generally in reference from younger-to/of-elder as "<elder> is my namesake. I have his/her name." The trick here is that I'm wondering about elder-to/of-younger, "<younger> is my namesake." Is this right? Backwards?

Incidentally, does this happen in any other language? Other words in English? What other words do you guys have trouble with like this, maybe not something in the same general scenario but words that do/should have multiple potential meanings you are/were not sure how to use? What words would you use instead?