September 9th, 2012

Native Russian Speakers - I need your help!

Hello, everyone!

I need some help translating some questions into Russian, and I need someone who speaks Russian as their mother tongue to do it. My russian isn't anywhere near good enough to translate it correctly myself! Here are the questions:

what is your role at Kidsave?

How is Kidsave helping to prepare children who are soon leaving care for independent life?

What is the average Russian orphanage like? How are children often treated in an orphanage?

What often happens to orphans when they leave their orphanage?

Do many adult orphans get involved in crime? What do some orphans do after they leave the orphanage? Examples?

Do many orphans who have left care volunteer or work with orphans or in orphanages? Are they more likely to adopt or foster children?

How aware are Russians of the situation of orphans in their country? How much media attention does this issue receive?

What does the term 'orphan' mean to you?

How much would you say you know about the lives of orphans in Russia?

Do you know anyone who grew up in an orphanage?

If you answered 'yes' to question 7, what does this person/these people do now?

How often do you hear/read about orphans in the media?

What do you think happens to orphaned children once they are 16 years old and must leave care?

Do you think that orphans who have left the orphanage should receive more support from the government?

What do you think caused Russia to have a high number of orphans?

How do you think this issue can be resolved?

Thanks in advance!