September 3rd, 2012

  • viata

Break a leg!

I know of at least three languages where to wish someone good luck you wish them bad luck.
- Break a leg!
- Ни пуха, ни пера! (a Russian good luck charm, literally wishing a hunter to bring back "neither fur nor feather".)
- Dire lui merde! (French, lit. "tell him shit" = "wish him luck").
I vaguely remember that the French example was originally a wish for a huge wealthy audience arriving in horse carriages - thus, a lot of horse shit as a sign of artistic success.

As for the other two, I guess, the idea is not scaring away (not jinxing?) the good luck. Any more cultures sharing this superstition?

lolcats with people in other languages

Hi guys,

Is there something like in Italian? I'd also like a link to an English version, it seems like an easy fun way to practice. If you could tell me what this kind of captions are called in any language I'd also appreciate it, I can't think of the word and therefore can't google for it :p


Edit: found it. :)