September 2nd, 2012

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  • tisoi

Chinese in a Filipino music video

In the cut is a music video from the Philippines, sung mostly in Tagalog. Towards the end the featured singer, Happee Sy, sings in Chinese. Could someone tell me what variety of Chinese this is? Most Chinese Filipinos have speak Hokkien/Min but with my very little knowledge of Mandarin, it seems like she says 我很爱你 Wǒ hěn ài nǐ, but it doesn't sound Mandarin to me (I don't know what Happee's background is)... The relevant part of the video starts at 2:25. 谢谢! :-D

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  • bblue23

Meaning of "Stimulant" in 1928

I'm reading Agatha Christie's The Mystery of the Blue Train (1928), and I came across the line "if Jane Harfield had had a slice of brown bread every evening and taken a little stimulant with her meals she might be here today."

I was struck by this use of the word "stimulant". Did this word mean alcoholic beverage in Christie's day? Was wine or some other drink believed to have a health-giving effect when taken with meals? No further explanation was given, so I was just curious!

I speak North American English, and of course in current times we use the word "stimulant" to mean something like methamphetamine, cocaine or caffeine, an "upper" drug as contrasted with "downer" drugs like heroin. But it is my understanding that alcohol is not really a stimulant but a depressant, so it's interesting to me how the word was used historically. Thoughts?