June 17th, 2012

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English to Spanish

Hi, linguaphiles!

I came baring a question about translating technical terms into spanish.

So here's the deal. The "official" dictionary for us spanish-speakers SUCKS SO MUCH I AM OUT OF WORDS. It is especially obvious when it comes to even the simplest of technical terms. (Up until two years ago, cacti were only Mexican and only had yellow flowers according to the dictionary.)

My question is, where can I find online dictionaries for technical terms that at least sound coherent? I really cannot use the RAE. I really can't. I'm sorry to all you RAE-fans, but it's true.
Up until now, the only person i can count on is my gradmother, because she has used tools for years.

Learning Korean?

Hello, all! I'm a high school senior (now!) with an early interest in languages, for background. I'm already taking French and starting Spanish along with it this year. Those are the only foreign language classes offered at my school. While I'm pretty good at French already (for my level, anyway) and look forward to starting Spanish, the language I've always been most interested in is Korean--especially now, as most of my friends are international students. The problem is that I have no idea where to start this journey. Do many colleges offer Korean classes? Are there any websites or books you would recommend? Or is the best option to simply hire a tutor once I've gotten more settled in life?

Thanks for any help or insight you can offer!

Tonal language speaker learning another tonal language

Tones are always emphasized, at least to English speakers, as the hardest part of learning Chinese ("if you aren't exposed to them at an early age you might not be able to distinguish them at all," etc.)

The question just occurred the me the other day, is it easier for tonal language speakers to learn a tonal language than it is for non-tonal language speakers? For instance, a Thai person learning Chinese or a Chinese person learning Thai? Even if the two languages have different tone systems, the person's brain would still be more accustomed to listening for tones and distinguishing them, right?