June 16th, 2012


Fellow Linguaphiles, I'm stuck on this German sentence:

In den jeweiligen kollektiven Selbstzuordnungen spiegeln sich nicht zuletzt begriffliche, ja sprachliche Rahmenbedingungen wider, innerhalb derer gedacht und konzipiert, wahrgenommen und erkannt, definiert und gehandelt wurde.

It seems that the second clause needs a subject.  Is this an impersonal passive?  If so, is the following an approximate translation?

"Not the least important things to be reflected in the collective self-designations characteristic of the period are the conceptual and indeed the linguistic framing-conditions within which thinking, conceiving, noticing, defining, and exchanging take place."

I'm reading this to understand it, not to write an elegant English version; but if I've badly misunderstood anything I'd be grateful for a correction.

Vielen Dank!