May 18th, 2012

Shakespeare by queensjoy

Quoting Shakespeare?

This might actually be more of a cultural question, also I can't tag at the moment. I apologize.

But here's my question.
I'm reading a (rather terrible) novel just now and there's the quote, [She was] alarmed [...] by the Dean's willingness to quote Shakespeare at a civilised dinner party.
What is wrong with quoting Shakespeare? Maybe I should add that the novel seems to be set around 1894 in England, although the character who is alarmed here is from New York.

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  • fynoda

Cannot comprehend the translation of this sentence [Japanese]

I was trying to figure out if a Japanese DVD I bought eons ago came with the freebies from first press. The Japanese website says this: "初回仕様 連動応募用紙封入、「仔雅-komiyavishiki-式、ネズミ講」推奨用"巾着"付(終了)". Miyavi is the name of the artist, Komiyavi is the name of his fanclub. All I can get out of that sentence is "First press: Coupled with an application form letter for the Ko Miyavi Pyramid Scheme; we recommend using it as a "purse"." What the hell? Thanks for any help.