April 25th, 2012


Dictionary with words ordered by frequency, not by alphabet

Has it already occurred to any dictionary maker to produce a dictionary where words would be ordered by the frequency of their occurrence in the language instead of (or better yet in addition to) the old-fashioned alphabetical order? Do such dictionaries already exist?

The ideal dictionary would be the one that basically combines both approaches and is twice as thick (or alternatively has half as many entries). UPDATE 1: It should not be just a regular dictionary with a frequency index.

Are there any? If there are, for what languages?
UPDATE 2: If you know such dictionaries, how good are they compared to regular dictionaries? Do they give good examples of word usage or are very stingy on this one? Up to date?

I'm just thinking that that would be the kind of dictionary I'd use more often because I'd be able to not only look up words in it but also read it going from the most frequent words to the least and improve the vocab in a more directed way, without leaving glaring gaps in case the stuff I read isn't very diverse in terms of vocab.

Mandarin translation help requested

Hello all! I'm working on a not-for-profit story in which I'm trying to accurately represent Chinese people, culture, and language. After having a number of Chinese betas and still being told that I'm "not getting it right" I was recommended to come here and see if anyone could help me. :)

I have some dialog that I need to have translated for my current chapter and am hoping that someone can help me turn this English into pinyin Mandarin. I will probably go back through the story as well to have the current translations I've used thus far vetted.

Many thanks in advance for your help! :)

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Old French revival

I'm so sorry that Old French is a completely forgotten language, unlike Old English which has become one of Wikipedia's languages... Does anybody have an idea why the French do not show any interest in their old language nor are there any attempts to revive it?