April 7th, 2012

QUE to people learned in:)) fur coats and tailoring

How would you call a sheepskin coat (or fur coat) whose upper part ("bodice") is sewn to the lower part (below the waist)? A couple of pictures:

Is there a special sartorial term for this cut? "A two-piece fur coat"? But does it make the idea clear enough if little context is provided?

Basically It's the same cut that is often used for women's dresses (bodice is sewn to the lower part). Thanks!
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Hi all!
Now I'm reading the book "Blood Maidens" by Barbara Hambly and at the very first page I found a word the meaning of which I can not understand. The sentence is Close to the slums where the families of the Boralong workers lived, he could hear them screaming: children and women terrified by the rain of death from the night sky.
What does the word Boralong mean? Is it a tribe, a company, a place, a surname, anything else?
Thank you very much for your help. 

"sk" in Bengali names?

I've recently seen a few (Muslim?) Bengali names with "sk" on the front (e.g. Sk Rafat Morshed, Prof. Sk. Saidul Haque).

Can anyone tell me what "sk" stands for? It looks a bit like a title (Sheik?), but my Googling has been in vain so far.