April 6th, 2012


New English abbreviation

In this trailer for the black comedy " 4 Lions" at around 1.25 Waj uses the word "defo" meaning definitely.
I thought this was particular to him, but then I heard it again in a radio
play set in Manchester. Is this word commonly used throughout Britain, or is it Northern, or is it just chance that I have heard it twice, and it is not used often at all? 

Difference between Incorporated and Established

Hi all. At work i always encounter this problem of differentiating "Established" and "Incorporated". My supervisor and colleagues told me that they're different but when I ask them what's the real difference between them, they failed to answer me, saying they're similar but not quite the same. I know that the "Date of Incorporation" is the date you get from the company's Articles of Incorporation. However, would it make a major difference if at one point I put the company's date of incorporation as XXX but describe in background that the company was established on XXX? How different would it be from each other, say, "A was incorporated on XXX" vs "A was established on XXX"?

Thanks so much in advance. This really gets on my nerve as people keep telling me not to use one over the other without letting me know the exact difference...

ETA: Puzzlement Cleared. Thanks for all replies. *bows*
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