April 1st, 2012


"ladybird" in Papiamento

Does anybody know the word for ladybird/ladybug in Papiamento or where to look for it? There is no Papiamentu version of the Wikipedia article about it, and none of the internet Papiamento dictionaries I know of has the entry.

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for interesting blogs about learning Russian, about the language, the culture, tips for learners, etc. I'm not looking for anything written in Russian, as I'm not good enough to read yet.

Other blogs about language learning (not random ones, but ones you really like reading) are welcome, too. So far, I've enjoyed the "All Japanese All the Time" blog a lot because it's occasionally offered interesting new insights.

Thanks for your help!
abby geek girl

Help with 19th century German

I need some help deciphering some 19th century German. This picture has three entries in it (distinguishable by the dates). The top one is the one I'm most keen on deciphering, but I included the other two as further handwriting samples by the same scribe.

I think the first and second are the same (except for the dates), just with breaks in the words in different places, but I'm not sure. I've pored over my German script book and dictionaries to no avail, so I'm hoping that someone here can help. So - any ideas?

The source is an early 19th century revision list from the Livland guberniya of the Russian Empire (from what is Latvia now). Usually this column of the lists shows the date of when someone moved from a different place, and then names that place, if that helps, but this doesn't look like a place name.

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