March 28th, 2012

shooting stars

Advice on Master's?

I am about to complete a Master's (the German equivalent of it) in Japanese Studies, minoring in Psychology and American Studies. About two years ago, I stumbled over Psycholinguistics in general and was fascinated. Not sure if it was a temporary interest, I decided to only take all the classes on it I had access to, but have now decided to re-focus my education. I would like to go into research, possibly focusing on the East Asian (specifically Japanese/Korean) languages, but since I also have a moderate grasp of Hindi and Farsi (Persian), I could very much imagine to go into that area as well.

I applied for the European Master's of Clinical Linguistics, but didn't get in - which I suspect has to do with my not holding even a BA in anything Speech-Language-Linguistics-whatever-related. While I DID have classes on Linguistics, and, as I said, tried to get all the seminars on Psycholinguistics (and related topics) possible, I do NOT have a degree as such. This, I suspect, could break my back when applying for Master's this fall.

TLDR; do any of you have advice on: a) which Master's are good (anywhere in the world is fine), as I cannot really find any ratings anywhere... b) if there is a Master's programme that focuses specifically on South East Asian Languages (even writing this makes me cringe, I know that that "focus" is as vague as it gets) c) if I have any chance at all getting in without a BA in anything Psycholinguistics-related. I would like to avoid having to basically re-start my whole education if possible.

Any help would be very, very much appreciated. :)

If something like this has been asked before or is off-limits, let me know. :) I went through the tags, but couldn't find anything.

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