March 20th, 2012

Learning Similar Languages

I am a fluent speaker of Russian, though that's not to say I don't have mistakes, growing up in America my grammar's a bit silly and such. Though I've been told I have no American accent - just my Ukrainian one.

For ages now, I have wanted and tried to learn Ukrainian, since I have family that speaks it, and also my dad, and I feel I would really love to get to these roots (though I know you can be Ukrainian and not speak the language).

It is really difficult, however, to learn because it is so similar (and also different) from Russian. If anyone else has learned languages of the same families like this - for instance, I always now want to replace Russian "очень" with Ukrainian "дуже"!

How did you figure out how to differentiate them in your head, or when you try to speak or write?

Just wanted to say thank you everybody for replying! Very good tips and information :) I will do my best in studying and hopefully figure out Ukrainian (and maybe improve my Russian more on the way).
Thanks again!
Ars Magica, Mystikae Eikona

Translation help: Female elk in Scottish Gaelic

Hello.  I'm working on a character for an on-line role-playing game I'm in.  The character is basically a shape-shifter (a Bjornaer maga, for anyone who plays Ars Magica), and has taken the name of the animal that she becomes for everyday use.

I had originally thought that the word for elk in Scots Gaelic is "ion."  However, I've since found a couple of other sites that have it as "lon" with an L.  I had also forgotten to take into account that in Scots Gaelic, nouns have gender, and ion/lon is masculine.  I need to try to find what the feminine form of "Elk" is, please.

I have done multiple searches using various combinations of "female/feminine elk Scots Scottish Gaelic", and have a Scots Gaelic-English dictionary, with no luck.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you