January 4th, 2012

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Videos about languages/accents?

Mods, please delete this if it isn't allowed. I apologize for cluttering the comm if it isn't.

I was wondering if anyone had any humorous/comedic videos about different languages or accents, just for entertainment purposes. Here are two:

Sketch about Scottish accents:

German accent commercial:

On that note, how long do you have to live in a country before you start picking up the regional accent? People keep mentioning that I'm probably going to pick up an accent abroad, but that doesn't seem probable to me. Even if I'm surrounded by people speaking a different way than I am, I wouldn't start mimicking them - at least not with the conscious realization that I'm mimicking an accent (correct me if I'm wrong.)

Also, thanks to everyone that helped me out on my last post! Much obliged.

To non-native English speakers: lingual hospitality?

Let's say that I (or any other English speaker) am visiting your native country. You speak my language (English) but I don't speak yours. Not very well, anyway - I know the basics, and I'm trying, but it just isn't working. If I'm attempting to talk with you in your native language (and you know we both speak a common language), would you (a)switch to English or (b)remain in your native tongue? Why? Would you find it annoying that I'm speaking your language so poorly, or would be gratified that I tried? Would you choose efficiency, or would you be willing to help me learn?

I've been really curious about this for a while, so I'd appreciate any feedback/opinions.