December 29th, 2011


Teaching Yourself

Hello everyone,
Due to schedule and location issues I am probably going to teach myself a foreign language. I am not sure which one I want to focus on yet, but I have already taken two years of Mandarin Chinese. For those who do teach themselves: how do you do it? What type of strategies do you use? How has it been going so far. Thanks for the insight.
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Most wrong thing you were taught

What was the most wrong thing you've ever been taught in a language class?

My boyfriend was taught in English classes at high school in Spain that you should directly address women as "lady" to be polite. As in "How much is this, lady?" giving a strange 1930s Chicago low-life flavour to your English. He didn't rate his school much.

At school myself in the UK in the 90s, my french textbook (Encore Tricolore, groan) tried to convince us french kids went round saying "c'est hypercool" all the time. Nobody was buying it.
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BE equivalent of "urgent care ward"?

I can't use 'emergency room' because in the US, there's a difference between emergency rooms and urgent care wards. (Emergency rooms are required to attend to individuals in an emergency situation regardless of their insurance status; an urgent care ward is free to admit or deny patients that are not insured.) I did a quick Google search which gave me the option of 'acute assessment unit', although I didn't want to use it without making sure. If it helps, I'm applying to universities in the UK and I wanted to mention my summer working at the urgent care ward.